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20 Jun 2023

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03 Jun 2023


Resolved: People Styles Detrmine

Is there a way or method to determine the people's style if we will meet for the first time and we have to present?

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Posted on:

20 Jun 2023


Hi Moustafa,

Great question.

We can do so in two ways: 

1) ASK: at the beginning of the meeting, ask what will make the meeting successful for them. They might say:

- when we have good results (red)

- when we have a lot of new ideas on the table (yellow)

- etc. 

2) OBSERVE: look at body language and how they speak.

- Are they more calm (green/blue) or talkative (red/yellow). 

- Are they more formal, task-oriented (red/blue), or people-oriented (yellow/green). 

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