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23 Jun 2021

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01 Jun 2021


Please add transcripts! :(

I know some people have requested the addition of subtitles, but that still requires you to go through the videos over and over again for revision and review, which can get so tedious. For the purpose of review and gaining better insight into a topic, there is a great need for reading material!

Just like how ya'll have tabs for resources and qna under each video lesson, make another tab for transcripts which is literally everything that is said in the video but organized for proper reading. I really think this can help so many people, hope you implement it soon :)

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Posted on:

23 Jun 2021


Hi Sadath,
thanks for reaching out and for the suggestion! We are currently working on adding subtitles for all of our courses, and I hope that our students will be able to have the transcripts in the following weeks.

365 Eli

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