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29 Aug 2022

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24 Aug 2022


Please suggest the appropriate electives

Please suggest the appropriate electives for Data Analyst career track

I feel R programming is too much and I need to master whatever already introduced in this course first - like SQL, Numpy, Python before moving to new programming language .

First elective, I chose introduction to Tableau and for second one, I am bit confused if I need to go for the lighter one like Excel Pivot or R Programming or Business Analytics

Would like to hear your thoughts please !!!



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29 Aug 2022


Hi Anuradha,
thanks so much for reaching out and congratulations on starting your Data Analyst journey!
To your question about elective courses, it really depends mostly on what skills you'd like to hone. If you're interested in data visualization, you can choose Introduction to Tableau, as well as the Power BI course. The excel courses also offer relevant Data Analyst material. Most importantly, you can choose any course from the program (provided it's not already in the Data Analyst) track as your elective. So, if you're looking to complete the track faster, choosing one of the shortest courses, like the Excel pivot course might be a good idea. Ultimately it's up to you and what your goals are.
Hope this helps!

365 Eli

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