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23 Jan 2024

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22 Jan 2024


Practice exams.

I can't take the practice exam. Its showing that ive taken already and won't let me retake.

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Posted on:

23 Jan 2024


Hello Margaret, 

Thank you for reaching out! 

In order to retake an exam, you have to go back to the course content and watch at least 30 minutes of course-specific video content each time you wish to retake a course exam. So, if you’ve already passed a course exam but want to improve your best score, you must watch 30 minutes of course-specific video content to unlock it for a retake. Since we have your best interest at heart, we allow you to retake a course exam limitless times.

This requirement aims to help students revise the parts of the course that are most challenging for them before retaking the exam. 

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at 

The 365 Team 

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