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10 Dec 2020

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26 Jun 2020


Preprocessing the Discrete Variables

In the lesson Data Preparation. Preprocessing Discrete Variables: Creating dummies ,  For the variable 'addr_state' it was explained that grouping into categories for the final model has to be done according to the WoE values keeping into the consideration of the No.of observations(Borrowers) But , in the homework problem , when we try to preprocess the discrete variable 'purpose' shouldn't we group them just as above , then into the following categories: # small_business, educational, moving ,house
# Other
# renewable_energy, medical, wedding, vacation
# debt_conslidation
#major_purchase, car
#credit_card But the solution is given as : # We combine 'educational', 'small_business', 'wedding', 'renewable_energy', 'moving', 'house' in one category: 'educ__sm_b__wedd__ren_en__mov__house'.
# We combine 'other', 'medical', 'vacation' in one category: 'oth__med__vacation'.
# We combine 'major_purchase', 'car', 'home_improvement' in one category: 'major_purch__car__home_impr'.
# We leave 'debt_consolidtion' in a separate category.
# We leave 'credit_card' in a separate category. Can you just explain me on what basis the above grouping is being done?
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10 Dec 2020

Hi venkat,  thank you for the query and apologies for the late response! Are you still experiencing difficulties with the credit risk modeling lecture? Thank you in advance! Best,  365 Eli

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