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30 Jul 2021

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25 Jul 2021


Primary Key for customer ID.

Hi All,

Just wanted to double check in the solution it shows "customer_id INT,". But in the relationship Schema it's underlined meaning it's a primary key. Would it be more accurate if it's "customer_id INT PRIMARY KEY"? Wanted to know if there's a difference with or without hte PRIMARY KEY attached to the end.

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Posted on:

30 Jul 2021


Hi Alan!

Thanks for reaching out.

I suppose your question also relates to the particular lecture you are at during the SQL course. Adding PRIMARY KEY will ensure the relevant field is a primary key for the given table. Nevertheless, this is something that may not be required at the relevant stage of that course. Can you please post the question under the relevant SQL lecture? This will help us assist you better.
In fact, is there any particular reason why you are asking an SQL-course-related question in the Data Visualization Course Q&A? Your response may help us improve our Q&A support. Thank you!

Hope this helps.

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