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25 Mar 2022

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15 Mar 2022


project courses for data analyst

Hi there...
I am taking data analyst course now....
I am just wondering what project course will be suit for my optional courses during the data analyst certification courses.
It seems most project courses are about ML.


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25 Mar 2022


Hi Jeong,
thanks for reaching out and it's great to learn you're taking the data analyst career track. You are right, that a lot of our courses are focused on machine learning and we're currently dedicated to expanding our offering that respect. That said, if you're interested more in the analysis of data you can check out the following two Excel courses:
If you'd like to hoan your Python skills you can check out the Python for finance or dates and times with Python courses:
Lastly, if you're interested in business, you can check out our intro to business analytics course:
Hope this helps!

365 Eli

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