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19 Sept 2023

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17 Sept 2023


Project displayed in course curriculum

I have noticed that a project appears in the course curriculum. Is it mandatory for the exams or is it like an assignment for enriching one's knowledge of real-life scenarios? Please advise

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Posted on:

19 Sept 2023


Hi Asghar, 

thanks for reaching out!

The projects are not mandatory for taking the exam, so if you're confident you've learned the course material, you can take the exam without it. The projects are a lot more practical and serve to give you a chance to practice on real scenarios with a bit more autonomy. Instead of guided courses, where you see our approach towards solving a business problem, in the project you get to decide how to tackle a problem, and choose between a guided and unguided version. You're welcome to try completing the projects, after passing the exams as well, if that's your preferred learning way. In any case, there is no hard rule that you must complete any or all projects before taking a course exam. 


365 Eli

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