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08 Mar 2024

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02 Mar 2024


Resolved: Pycharm doesn't work on my machine


i tryed to install the two types of pycharm by always seeing this message.

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05 Mar 2024


Hey Amal,

Thank you for reaching out!

First, ensure that you satisfy PyCharm's system requirements which can be found here:

Second, navigate to the System menu and select About where you can check the system type of your machine.

If the processor is x64-based, then download the "2023.3.4 - Windows (exe)" Community Edition. If it's ARM64-based instead, then go for the "2023.3.4 - Windows ARM64 (exe)" Community Edition:

Let me know if encounter other issues.

Kind regards,

365 Hristina

Posted on:

08 Mar 2024


thank you for your help 😊😊😊

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