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Python for Finance ?

Python for Finance ?


I just want to learn python based on finance and I’m a CFA and FRM candidate, hence I will need grip knowledge on these. So, I would really be glad to hear from someone. How to proceed with Python. 
I think I should go in this order given below:- 
My main focus are these four only
1> Introduction to Python
2>Python Statistics
3>Credit Risk with Python
4>Time Series with Python
Is there a requirement to do Python Bootcamp before doing any of the above modules. Pleae let me know. I’m short in time. So I need to complete quickly.
Hoping to get a response.
Thank You

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Subh,
I suggest that you first go through the Python Bootcamp and only then work on the credit risk modeling and time series topics.
Being a good Python programmer is extremely important and useful to easily grasp the other topics!
The 365 Team

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