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Python Programmer Bootcamp: Where is the Bubble Sort lecture?

Python Programmer Bootcamp: Where is the Bubble Sort lecture?


In the Search and Sort section, I’ve seen it jumps from Binary Search to Insertion Sort. But I think there is a missing lesson in between, which I guess it should be called Bubble Sort. 
The instructor implies there is a lesson with that name.
Could you check that?
Thank you in advance for your help.

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Harold, 
thanks for reaching out! There is no missing lecture on bubble sort. Instead, in this intro lecture Giles is referring to a previous lecture, where bubble sort was used in the context of nested for loops. Here is a link to the lecture in question:
Hope this helps!
365 Eli

Hi Eli! Yes! I was wrongly thinking there was a lesson for bubble sorts in addition to that explanation. Thanks for clarifying!

3 weeks