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03 Aug 2023

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29 Dec 2021


Question 2 of the p-value quiz

In the question we are provided with only the z score and the one tail test and the answer provided was 0.010. I am of the view that the answer should be not enough information because we were not provided with the level of confidence that should be used. From p-value pdf that was shared we need the z-score, level of significance and number of tail test.
Kindly explain why the answer is 0.010

thank you

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09 Jan 2022


Hey Sylvester:
the default significance Level is  0.05 when it is not provided 

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15 Nov 2022


Regardless of the significance level, the p-value will not change. The significance level only affects the decision making, i.e., we compare p-value with alpha (if p<alpha --> we reject the Null Hypothesis).

In the first question, the information was not complete as we had no idea whether the test was one sided or two sided. If mentioned that the test was two-sided, then p would be (1-0.9896)*2 = 0.0208.

In the second question, the information was given that the test was one-sided. So p is equal to (1-0.9896) = 0.0104.

As you can see, we don't really need to have more information to calculate the p-value, however, we still need to compare these p-values to something to make a fruitful decision, and here comes the role of the significance level.

Hope that helps!

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03 Aug 2023


Thank you Ahmed!

As you say, the p-value won't change no matter what Significance Level you choose.

We can verify this in the calculator!

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