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02 Jan 2022


Question 9 of final for Data Analysis of Excel Pivot Tables

I looked in the Q&A trying to find any one else who may have asked the same question.

Also just noted that the automatic "Category" drop-down of the course name the value needs to be extended for the max name's of the course's.
I had to manually shorten the title to less  than 25 characters. I had to change to 'Other'

I don't understand how the correct anser is "None of the above"; for Question 9 of the Final Test.

Using the 'Wholesale database.xlsx; I created the pivot table and slicers for '2019' and the Manufacturer of Barilla getting the following: =GETPIVOTDATA("Revenue",$A$3,"Year",2019,"Manufacturer","Barilla")
Looking at the Pivot table the first cell of it is clearly A3 and not A1 as explained
in the answer, can someone explain what I am having trouble understanding?

I am trying to understand how the start  of the Pivot table starts with A1 vs A3? It appears to start with A3.


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