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08 Oct 2020

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07 Aug 2020


Relationship between combination, variation and permutation without repetition

considering combinatorics without repetition, the relation states that C = V/P. If P = n! and V = n!/(n-p)! then how is C = n!/p!(n-p)!? Can you explain why it is not 1/(n-p)! if you substitute the formula for V and P?
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08 Oct 2020

Hey C,    If you go back to the Permutation formula, it's defined as P(n) = n!. In that case p = n, so we only use one variable (since it makes more sense). In reality, it's equivalent to p!.    Hence, C = V/P = (n!/(n-p)!) / (p!) = n! / ((n-p)! p!).   Hope this helps! Best, 365 Vik

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