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26 Sept 2022

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25 Sept 2022


Something wrong with this exercise

Hi Martin,
I guess either the exercise statement is something vague or missing in that
as far I understand (we have to find all the numbers of employees on that date on which more than one joining/contract was signed)
is this correct I guess the exercise question needs to more clear than

second in the exercise solution we used (group by emp_id) but why?? as far as I know group by is used to make similar things in group and remove any duplicacy but the emp_no column already distinct in itself
is this group by you used just to make use of having in the query

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Posted on:

26 Sept 2022


Hi Mayank!
Thanks for reaching out.

Yes, you are right. The exercise is about selecting the employee numbers of all individuals who have signed more than 1 contract after the 1st of January 2000. We need to use the GROUP BY clause because otherwise the result set will be only one row - the first record that matches the condition.

Hope this helps.

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