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SQL query case

SQL query case


Databases are not case sensitive but I can see that keywords are also not case sensitive. In that case can I still use lower case instead of upper case or is it advisable to use only upper case?

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Neelanjan!
Thanks for reaching out!
Yes, you are right; you are free to choose whether to use upper or lower case. We stick to using upper case for keywords as much as possible because we thing this improves the legibility of your code and this is always a good characteristic for your code.
However, the code you are writing will have just the same functionality if you were using lower case letters only. In that situation, you would rely on the altered colour of the keyword letters from black to blue (that’s what Workbench does automatically). So, it is up to you, your company, or any other standard how to write your code. Theoretically, that’s how it usually works.
Hope this helps.

Alright, Thank you for the clarification!!

10 months

You are welcome!

10 months
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