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31 Oct 2020

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30 Oct 2020


Resolved: SQL Syntax

SELECT    *, AVG(salary) FROM    salaries WHERE    salary > 120000 GROUP BY emp_no ORDER BY emp_no; Now for the above query, everything is okay. But the syntax of the bold text is not clear to me. Using a * without a FROM and a comma after the *. Then there is AVG(salary). What is this?
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31 Oct 2020

Hi Archisman! Thanks for reaching out. In this case, the AVG() Function will automatically obtain the average values of the field you've grouped by, which is emp_no. Therefore, the * indicates you are interesting in obtaining all rows from the salaries table, while later the GROUP BY clause will do the job in specifying which column you want to calculate the average values about. Hope this helps.

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