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03 May 2022

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01 May 2022


Resolved: Standard and Fewer-Opportunities

Hi! When plotting the Pie-chart I notice that the "Standard" and "Fewer-Opportunities" segments has switched. For me, the standard group is 37.8%. I can see that when I download your notebook that the segment in identical as your video. But once I actually run the code from the downloaded notebook they switch and end up like mine. I hope that makes sense! It seems like the segment standard and fewer-opp has been switched in the csv-file from the "Purchase data.csv". Please let know if this is a common issue or if its actually something wrong on my side. Cheers

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Posted on:

03 May 2022


Hi Simen,
thanks for reaching out! You're absolutely right, this is a common issue, and sometimes the segments can get switched up during segmentation. K-means does find the correct segments, but for some users they come up in a different order.
You can switch the labels so they correspond to the segments in your code.
Hope this helps!

365 Eli

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