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Stored Procedures with an Output Parameter different from the lesson

Stored Procedures with an Output Parameter different from the lesson


I’m in the Stored Procedures with an Output Parameter lesson, and for some reason when I run the procedure, the pop-up before executing the procedure looks slightly different from the one of the video lesson.
I have attached a screenshot of what I see, in contrast to the lesson:
Are there any pros or cons of being able to type into the output textbox?

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Harold!
Thanks for reaching out and provided links to the screenshot and the relevant lecture.
This is a great question. In fact, it regards one of the few MySQL Workbench bugs that can create a conflict with the course content.
The in- and out- parameters of the procedures only when written in lowercase letters. For some reason, they have not managed to correct this error yet.
So, when written in lowercase letters, the procedure works correctly. When written in capital letters (which should be correct according to the formatting that is generally preferred (and, hence, used in our teaching), the OUT parameter is displayed, too.
What is more important is that the procedure delivers the correct outcome, as well that you are aware for this bug (that will hopefully be solved soon).
Hope this helps.

Thanks, Martin. It is quite interesting!

4 months

It is what it is! You are very welcome!

4 months
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