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Stuck b/w MS Sql and My Sql

Stuck b/w MS Sql and My Sql


Hi team,
Just a simple ques. we are provided with a data set ’employees’ and I’m trying to work on it using MS SQL SERVER 2014 is it possible that queries might not work in this software, is this anyway diff from MYSQL (ORACLE)?
Or there is some problem with my Laptop and Server.
Like the very first query IF EXIST  didn’t work in it.
Thanks and Regards,
Sajal Kothari

2 Answers

365 Team

Hi Sajal!
Thanks for reaching out.
I think you will be able to follow the course, but you will definitely come across certain tricks and tools that are peculiar to MySQL. Moreover, you will see that some things are coded in MSSQL in one way, and in MySQL in another. We do not provide comparisons and stick to MySQL, which is the version of the SQL we have based this course on.
So, my suggestion would be: if you prefer, start the course going on with MSSQL, and if, at some point, what we teach does not exist in MSSQL or is done there in a very different way, you could download MySQL and proceed with that version from there on. 
Hope this helps.

Thanks for the update!

10 months

You are welcome!

9 months


Do we have other way to download the employee.sql? the link is not working for me.

Hi nhongskee! Please download the database from this temporary link. Thank you. https://we.tl/t-oLamguhnZ3

9 months