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21 Apr 2022

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15 Apr 2022


Taking the courses in their order or ...?

Dear 365DS team,

So far I am really enjoying the content of the video courses, and additionally, these are course notes that are an ideal supplementary to the videos.

My question is as follows:
I have subscribed to Data analytics course. I have just completed Statistics course and next SQL is coming. But I have a feeling that I want to deeper learn the probability part of Statistics...
So, now I am wondering what is the most best effective way? Is it better to continue with the program structure order or follow my intuition???

I appreciate your advice.

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Posted on:

21 Apr 2022


Hi Timur,
thanks for reaching out and glad to learn you're a part of the Data Analytics career track! You can absolutely take the courses in the program in your preferred way. If you feel you want to devote some more time to the theoretical foundations like Probability, that's a really valid way to proceed. You can come back the SQL course later on, and you can add the Probability course to one of your two elective subjects for the track.
Hope this helps!

365 Eli

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