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TensorFlow attribute error with tf.placeholder

TensorFlow attribute error with tf.placeholder

Super Learner

I am currently with attending the Deep Learning with TensorFlow. However I can’t run any of the code based on the classes.
every time i call the tf.placeholder I received the following error: ” AttributeError: Module ‘tensorflow’ has no attribute ‘placeholder’.”
Note I am running Python3 with Jupiter under anaconda.
the version of tensorflow is tall is 2.30.
Please advise
and i used import tensorflow as tf

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Serge,
Thanks for reaching out!
Currently, we have two courses: Deep Learning with TensorFlow and Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2.
The theoretical parts are the same. However, the code is different for the two versions. After all the theory of NNs doesn’t change. Only the version of TensorFlow does.
You are encountering this issue because you have installed TF2 (judging by your version – 2.30).
If you want to follow the TF1 version, please follow this link:
If you want to follow the more recent course (TensorFlow 2), please proceed at this link:
The 365 Team

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