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25 Feb 2021

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06 Feb 2021


The file to create the database (employees_mod.sql) is missing

According to the course, this file should be in section 1.5 (Loading the Database), but instead, there is a pdf with the database schema (1_5_loading-the-database.pdf). I think this file corresponding to section 2.1, hence that is a bug in the course.
Please fix it as soon as possible, because without this file the course can't be carried out.

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Posted on:

25 Feb 2021


Hi Daniel!

Thanks for reaching out.

Please accept my apologies for the delayed response.

Unfortunately, it took us longer to fix the issue, and I just see that it hasn't been completely resolved yet.
I will address our Technical for this issue once more, but in the meantime, please rename the *.sql file you can download from the first link provided under the lecture and try to proceed with the course.


Hope this helps but please feel free to get back to us should you need further assistance. Thank you.

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