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The Intersection of Two Sets Question 3

The Intersection of Two Sets Question 3


I am struggling to understand the answer to ‘Which of the following showcases the two sets, whose intersection is the smaller set?’ 
the answer is ‘black cards and clubs’ but as I understand it for each:

  • subset of clubs intersects completely with set of black cards (26 black with 13 clubs)
  • subset of jacks intersects by a thirteenth with set of Aces ( 13 jacks, 1 Ace)
  • subset of queens intersects completely with set of spades (1 queen, 13 spades)
  • subset of hearts does not intersect with diamonds, they cannot happen simultaneously.

we are looking for the smallest overlap, therefore if the aforementioned theory was corrrect, answer 4 would be correct, no overlap or intersection? but instead it states answer 1 is correct?
Can someone elaborate or explain more for me please?

1 Answer

365 Team

Hey Daniel, 
Sorry for the confusion!
We’re looking for a pair of answers where the intersection of the two sets, is the smaller of these two sets. For example, we have sets A and B, where B is the smaller set and we’re looking for an answer pair where AnB = B.
Hope this clears things up!
365 Vik

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