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The Python Progammer Bootcamp – Capstone project on Computer Vision – VScode installation

The Python Progammer Bootcamp – Capstone project on Computer Vision – VScode installation


I could not continue the Capstone project because of the following issues and are not possible to solve according to the advice and instruction given in the videos:
      1. The vscode is no longer available as a package in the latest version of Anaconda distribution. How do I install VScode to work with Anaconda Navigator? I tried to install Visual Studio as an external program and managed to launch within Anaconda Navigator but the editor failed to recognize the Python syntax. What configuration I need to do?
      2. The coins’ image is not available for download. Can you provide the image for the project?
     3. The CV2 is not working in VScode.
Could you update the lecture videos to the latest changes in the software? The instructions given are not helpful at all.

1 Answer

365 Team

I might need some more details of what the problem is (with error messages etc), so that I can help you.
Let’s try this to start with:-
I’ll assume you have downloaded and installed Anaconda. On the navigator home page you should see a VS Code icon with an install button. You need to click on that. Once installed, you need to click on environments on the left side menu bar. From there, click on the little arrow next to the environment where you installed VS Code. You will see the option ‘Open Terminal’; select that. In the terminal type the command conda init
When that has executed, go back to your Home page, make sure you’re in the correct environment and then click on the launch button in the VS Code icon.
I hope that helps.