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06 Jan 2023

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28 Dec 2022


Using an F-string

Why couldn't I just use an f string?

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30 Dec 2022


I guess %s operator is in Python from python 2.0 and some were habitual to it so he tells about that while F-string introduced in python 3.6.
F-string easy to use and quite readable but its personal preference which one to use

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31 Dec 2022

0 shows how the old way of formatting strings can quickly become hard to read.

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06 Jan 2023


Hi everyone!
Thanks for reaching out.

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The release of Python version 3.6 introduced formatted string literals, simply called “f-strings.” They are called f-strings because you need to prefix a string with the letter 'f' to create an f- string. The letter 'f' also indicates that these strings are used for formatting. Could you please share with us your code as a post? Thank you.

Looking forward to your answer.

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