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01 Aug 2023

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26 Jan 2023


Resolved: Using yf and unable to import data for pg

I tried importing data from yahoo finance api with following code:'PG',data_source='yahoo',start='1995-1-1')
it worked but showed this error:

1 Failed download:
- PG: No data found for this date range, symbol may be delisted

so instead i have downloaded TSLA and it starts from 2010.

hopefully this wont cause problem in long term.

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19 May 2023


run the below in the anconda prompt to install yfinance package

conda install -c conda-forge yfinance

THEN run the code this way;

import yfinance as yf

data ='PG', start = '1991-01-01')

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01 Aug 2023


Found following solution:

import pandas
from pandas_datareader import data as pdr
import yfinance as yfin

PG = pdr.get_data_yahoo("PG", start="1995-1-1", end="2023-1-1")

credit : Alok

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