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07 May 2024

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04 May 2024


Resolved: What does the 3 in bracket mean in 0.3(3)?

In 0.3(3) what does the 3 inside the bracket mean?

i get that answer is 0.3, but doesnt the bracket mean 0.3 times 3 which is 0.9

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07 May 2024


Hey Gayatri,

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In this case, the use of parentheses denotes a periodic number. That is, the sequence of numbers inside the parenteses is repeating forever.

As an example, the fraction 1/3 equals 0.3(3) which is the same as 0.333... As another example, take the fraction 1/11 which equals 0.090909... Using the parentheses notation, this decimal number can be shorthanded to 0.(09).

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