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14 May 2020

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13 May 2020


what is difference between data science and data analytics?

Can you give more example to get clarity   Why Optimazation of Drilling Operations is not data analytics and only data science?   Why Digital Signal Processing is only data analytics and not data science?  
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Posted on:

14 May 2020

Hi Pratik! Thanks for reaching out. Let me start by saying that it is all matter of interpretation. Of course, if drilling operations are related to an ongoing business activity, they could be moved to the left on our diagram. However, they can exist on their own and they are not necessarily related to business. Then, digital signal processing is just an example of an analytic activity which does not have direct business implication. It is not meant for you to understand the meaning behind this activity in detail (i.e. more about what we briefly explain in the course). The idea is for you to better understand what the place of the field of data science exactly is. Hope this helps.

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