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further steps in learning DS after this course

further steps in learning DS after this course


My question is not related to a particular subject, but it’s rather a need for advice. I have started doing this course after I saw the Udemy version of it, which was fantastic and made me buy this full version of it. I am really loving it, but there is always a question that is daunting me and the information on the internet is not always reliable, so I would like to get an advice from professionals in the field:)
I am a CS major and I am about to start my sophomore year in college. After taking a look at the catalog of subjects for CS major in our university, I noticed that there are not many DS & ML courses there, which is a bit frustrating. What are your thoughts on that? Should I get my B.S. there or move to a college that offers more classes on DS & ML?
Additionally, after I finish this full 365 program, what are the next steps for me? Obviously, I am not going to be beginner after finishing this course, and there is not much information out there about how to continue my path to becoming self-taught data scientist, which makes me confused and uncertain about my future steps. What would you recommend, are there any specific courses you would suggest doing?


1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Emin!
Thanks the very kind words and reaching out.
Thank you also for asking us about such an important subject – the future steps to make in your career as a Data Scientist.
I must say that what I will say will only be my personal idea and will perhaps help as a few guidelines or, rather, things to consider as next steps or while making your next steps. Regardless of that, any final decision will be yours and I am sure will depend on multiple factors such as the precise syllabus of the courses you are about to do or the reputation of the institution you intend to go to.
Let me first say that studying CS is a great material and skill set to build on should you wish to become a Data Scientist. This will give strong fundamentals in writing your own code at a higher level.
DS and ML are disciplines that are also extremely needed today and being proficient in them is a huge advantage. However, to be able to excel in your work in DS or ML, it is best for you to have decided to focus more on the quantitative and analytic part of Data Science, as opposed to the programming one. 
So, it rather is up to you, and I’d say wherever you feel more confident and willing to improve, perhaps that should be the area to approach.
Regarding the 365 Program – that’s exactly why we created it! We wanted to provide a centralised Program that can always help you to set on the right track. Therefore, completing the topics or even just checking on most of the topics will help you obtain a better idea on what to do text.
Furthermore, please don’t forget that we are always aiming to import more content in the Program. So, while you are moving forward, there will always be some new content added on our list, helping you to further enrich your skillset.
Hope this helps.

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