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13 Apr 2024

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17 Nov 2023


Resolved: what is true zero

i could not understand true zero in ratio and how weight of a person is ratio

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19 Nov 2023



In statistics, "true zero" refers to a point where the quantity being measured actually does not exist or is absent. It indicates a complete absence of the quantity. For instance, in temperature measurements, 0°C does not represent the absence of temperature (true zero), but in the context of counting objects, 0 represents a true zero as it indicates that there are no objects present. This concept is important in distinguishing scales of measurement, such as the difference between a ratio scale, which has a true zero point, and an interval scale, which does not (like temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit).



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13 Apr 2024


Consider the substance you weight is absent so it`s weight value is numerically "zero"

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