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17 Jun 2024

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15 Jun 2024


When was columnar transportation cipher - basis of the "Encryption and Decryption" project taught?

I completed the "Advanced Python: Caeser Two Sum" section and there is the "Encryption and Decryption" project at the end of it which relies on the columnar transportation chipher. However, until that point in the course, that algorithm is neither taught nor mentioned. Did I miss something? If it is not taught, how are we supposed to solve it?

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Posted on:

17 Jun 2024


Hey Naiya,

Thank you for reaching out!

The projects in this course are designed to challenge you with tasks that go beyond the specific content covered in the lessons. The "Encryption and Decryption" project introduces the columnar transposition cipher, a concept not explicitly taught in the course. However, this allows you to apply your knowledge creatively and research new topics independently.

Exploring new concepts and finding solutions on your own is a valuable skill in programming, and we're confident that since you've reached this part of the course, you can tackle this challenge! However, should you need any assistance, you're welcome to follow the thorough guided version of the project.

Enjoy the project and the rest of the course!

Kind regards,

365 Hristina

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