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16 Dec 2021

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04 Nov 2021


Why did we add gender to the details box?

I added gender only to the color box and i have the same results, why should we add gender to the details box as well, what is the use of it?

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Posted on:

16 Dec 2021


Hi Ahmed!
Thanks for reaching out.

Because when you drop Gender you obtain the same result automatically, yes, but to be in control of how are separating this field quantitatively (by detail), that is - to be sure Tableau will not separate that data automatically in another way. Also, to stick to best practices, where it is assumed that a colleague (or executive manager) of yours is supposed to able to just look at the sheet and understand and see how the data has been split into to, it is professional to designate this has happened by detail.

Abiding by the above-mentioned logic, we drop Gender to both color and detail.

Hope this helps.

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