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Converting Images into Arrays

Nikola Pulev
Course Author

The following template teaches you one way to convert an image file to an array (tensor). This is extremely useful in ML and Computer Vision, as these fields require images as data, however, the algorithms can only work with numbers and arrays. Some other related topics you might be interested in are Tensorboard - Tracking Metrics in Python, Tensorboard - Confusion Matrix in Python, Tensorboard - Tuning Hyperparameters in Python, and A Simple CNN Network - Convolutional Layer in Python. The Converting Images into Arrays in Python is among the topics covered in great detail in the 365 Data Science Program. 

Who is it for

If you are a Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer or a Deep Learning Engineer then you will find this free Jupyter notebook template on converting images into tensors quite handy.

How it can help you

Whenever you are dealing with a data science task that requires us to understand the features of an image, you will need to convert an image into an array (tensor)

Converting Images into Arrays