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Creating a Series Object from a List in Python

Ivan Manov
Course Author

This template shows how to convert a list object into a Series in the popular Pandas library. Some other related topics you might be interested in are Creating a Series Object by Using a NumPy Array in Python, Using Pandas Methods for Working with Series Objects in Python, Obtaining Descriptive Statistics about the Data in Python, Delivering an Array with the Unique Values from a Dataset in Python, and Ordering the Rows from a Data Table According to the Values in a Column in Python. The Creating a Series Object from a list in Python template is among the topics covered in detail in the 365 Program.  

Who is it for

If you are an aspiring Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Software Engineer, Business Analyst who wants to learn how to use conversion functions in the pandas library then this template is for you.

How it can help you

We use this free Python template whenever we want to convert a list containing elements into a pandas Series in order to see the content as a column and manipulate it with pandas.

Creating a Series Object from a List in Python