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Importing the Pandas Library in Python

Ivan Manov
Course Author

This template demonstrates how to import the pandas library in Python- a popular open-source library that provides high-performance structures and data analysis tools. Some other related topics you might be interested in are Indexing in Pandas Python, Using Attributes in Python, Using Pandas Methods for Working with Series Objects in Python, and Creating DataFrames in Python. The Importing the Pandas Library in Python is among the topics covered in detail in the 365 Program. 

Who is it for

Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Business Analysts, Statisticians, Software Engineers and anyone who wants to expand their knowledge in Python libraries will find this template helpful.

How it can help you

Pandas is a library for working with Series and DataFrames containing multiple types of information. Your ability to use Panda will also help you in using libraries such as NumPy. SciPy and MatPlotLib.

Importing the Pandas Library in Python