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Incorporating URL parameters into a GET request in Python Template

A GET request is used when we want to obtain a certain document from a server- like a web page or API output. However, we can also add different parameters to the request to obtain a more specific result – either by modifying or adding additional information. In this free .ipynb template, we will show you how to incorporate such parameters into the URL by using the "requests" Python package.

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This Incorporating URL Parameters into a Get Request in Python template, alongside a series of others, will develop your fundamentals in web scraping and API in Python – skills that are essential for Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, or individuals interested in learning automated data extraction skills using Python.

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Parameters are incorporated into the URL when additional information needs to be specified for the request e.g., filtering by time and date, request specific ordering and so on. After going over this template you will have the flexibility to manually construct your URL by hand or automate the process by letting the requests library do the incorporation of parameters.

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Incorporating URL parameters into a GET request in Python Template