Green Cover of Pie Chart in Excel. The template resource is from 365 Data Science.

Pie Chart in Excel Template

Pie charts are one of the most popular data visualization tools since they express the part-to whole relationship of a dataset in a very intuitive manner. As such they are best used when we want to communicate for example the revenue of each product and its relationship to the whole. The following free. xlsx template shows an Excel pie chart, displaying the number of cars using a particular type of fuel.

Elitsa Kaloyanova
Head of Data Content

Who is it for

The ability to create visually powerful and insightful graphs that people of all data backgrounds can understand is a must have skill for any Data Engineer, Financial Analyst, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer and Business Analyst who wishes to build a strong foundation in data visualization.

How it can help you

Knowing how to create one of the most popular type of graphs in one of the most popular spreadsheet applications for data storage and analyses is essential for any data practitioner. This template will build your data visualization fundamentals showing you how to make a pie chart in Excel.

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Pie Chart in Excel Template