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Amazon suggests what you should buy; Netflix suggests what you should watch; Google suggests what you should search; Facebook suggests who you should connect with. Recommendation algorithms are everywhere, and they are based on your online behavior. These algorithms are advancing at head-spinning speeds as more and more data is being collected. They save us time and make sure we see what interests us, but are they closing our minds to other experiences? Let’s discuss in essay format. Welcome to 365 Data Science 2019 scholarship competition!

Winners 2019

First place image Full Name: Eleni Nisioti
Country of Residence: United Kingdom
University: University of Essex
Area of Study: Artificial Intelligence, Ph.D.
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Full Name: Andrea Uličná
Country of Residence: Slovakia
University: TBD (still at high school)
Area of Study: TBD (Information Management)
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Second place image

Third place image

Full Name: John O’Neil
Country of Residence: United States of America
University: University of Illinois at Chicago
Area of Study: Environmental and Urban Geography
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