40 Awesome Data Science Blogs You Need to Check Out in 2024

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The 365 Team 16 Jan 2024 15 min read

Blogs, they’re everywhere. Blogs about travel, blogs about pets, blogs about blogs. And data science is no exception. Data science blogs are a dime a dozen and with so many, where do you start when you need to find the most valuable information for your needs?

That’s what we’re here to help with.

Data science is a rapidly growing field and it should come as no surprise that many people have something to say on the subject. So, this article is going to briefly review 40 data science blogs that we thought were pretty awesome and give you a snippet of what they are all about.

Note: There is no ranking order for these, it is less about ‘Which is the best blog?’ and more about ‘All of these blogs are awesome but which one offers what I need?’.

We will give:

  • A brief description of each blog (from my perspective).
  • The frequency with which the blog is updated.
  • An interesting article from the site being reviewed.

Hope this helps!

Blog name: DataKind

datakind data science blogs

Description: Using data to save the world. That's what DataKind is all about. Using the same algorithms and techniques which companies use to make a profit and using them to create a sustainable world where all human needs are met - That's founder Jake Porway's vision and it seems they are doing a great job. Check out their blog to see what they get up to and how they help everything from Foster Care to Disaster prevention. A wonderful and ethical company and blog

Post frequency: 1-2 per week

Article to check out: Follow the amazing efforts to protect the endangered banded leaf monkey from extinction. Have a read of this article to see how the RBLWG are using machine vision to compare photos of the monkeys so they can more accurately judge population numbers and geolocation to assess habitat.

Protecting Singapore’s Endangered Banded Leaf Monkey

Blog name: Probably Overthinking It

Probably overthinking it data science blog

Description: Allen Downey is an author and professor at Olin College. He writes generally about data science and Bayesian statistics. He has built a nice clear blog (although this is his new blog, he links to his old one which has a large archive). Allen is active on twitter and often goes through problems with his followers. If you fancy trying to solve some problems or are just looking for some general data science and statistics reading, this is a good place to go.

Post frequency: 2-4 per month

Article to check out: If you like dungeons and dragons (the game, obviously) and/or Bayesian statistics problems, then have a look at this problem. The solution is posted below in Jupyter so you can compare. The Dungeons and Dragons Problem

Blog name: 365 Data Science

365 data science

Description: If you're going to check out one blog today, it really should be this one. Covering complex tutorials, career advice, interviews and general data science articles this blog has something for everyone. We know because we wrote it. Shameless plug I know, but I promised you a list of 40 of the top blogs and I really think ours deserves to be in it.

Post frequency: 1-2 per week

Article to check out: One of our most popular articles. We researched dozens of books, hundreds of articles, and thousands of report pages on careers in data to give you the most comprehensive data science career guide out there. Check it out to see the result, I think you'll be surprised by the insights we got in it. Especially useful if you want to know if you could become a data scientist. Starting a Career in Data Science: The Ultimate Guide So, there's our list. 40 of our favourite data science blogs. As you can see they come in all shapes and sizes but we believe each of these has something to offer. We very much enjoyed looking through these projects of love from various professionals and enthusiasts in the data science field and we hope you have too.

Blog name: Springboard

Springboard data science blog

Description: Springboard covers a few topics but it doesn't detract from its data science articles. Some really nice posts here with an attractive presentation. It contains career tips, lists and data science as a general topic. It is an inviting blog for almost anybody, whether you're just getting into AI or are already a deep learning veteran.

Post frequency: Daily

Article to check out: Everybody enjoys a good TED talk and if you're reading this then you also enjoy data science. Sometimes those things combine and sometimes someone is kind enough to compile the 11 best data science TED talk out there. How nice of T.J DeGroat to do that - he even gives a brief synopsis of each one. Plenty to keep you engaged.

11 Must-Watch TED Talks on Data Science

Blog name: BAIR

BAIR data science blog

Description: Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR)'s blog is for their researchers to communicate research findings and perspectives on the AI field. Written by students and faculty, this blog aims to reach both expert and general audiences and they achieve this aim with an abundance of articles by some of the greatest minds in AI research. Something for everyone interested in AI.

Post frequency: 1-2 per week

Article to check out: Imitation is a key part of human intelligence. This article shows how researchers have developed AI to imitate actions in a variety of ways. Absolutely fascinating and it raises many questions about the future of AI and the amazing work done here. A must read. One-Shot Imitation from Watching Videos

Blog name: KDnuggets

KD nuggets data science blog

Description: On the off chance you haven’t heard of KDnuggets. It’s one of the best blogs out there. They feature plenty of quality guest posts (including some from us) and although it can look a bit overwhelming, you are sure to find something good to read. Go check it out.

Post frequency: Daily

Article to check out: Well this article by us is the obvious choice really. KDnuggets awarded us the Platinum badge for it, which was a great honour. Data Science vs Machine Learning vs Data Analytics vs Business Analytics

Blog name: O’Reilly

O'Reilly data science blog

Description: A professional and in-depth look into data and data science that is in no way intimidating. The contributors here clearly know what they are doing. Posts include videos, podcasts, and superbly written articles. Very easy to binge read on this site.

Post frequency: Daily

Article to check out: With data growing faster than we can comprehend, no-one can be totally sure of what’s to come. This article gives a fresh take on this idea. Data's day of reckoning  

Blog name: Andrew Gelman 

Andrew Gelman data science blog

Description: Eleven authors on this blog mean it is packed full of statistical content. Each contributor adds a personal touch to their writing with some genuinely funny posts (and comments). You’ll find general opinions, scientific reviews, tutorials and a healthy amount of sarcasm. Also, they have a ‘zombies’ category... braiiins!

Post frequency: Daily

Article to check out: If you’ve ever read or written a scientific paper then you will relate to this post. Revisiting “Is the scientific paper a fraud?”

Blog name: Hyndsight

Hyndsight data science blog

Description: ‘Forecasting’ is Rob Hyndman’s most used tag. So, if that interests you then you’re in luck. He also covers statistics, computing, conferences and more. The blog is aimed at his research team but hopes researchers in other statistical mathematical science fields will find some use in it. If this is you, then go take a look - Rob's door is wide open.

Post frequency: Monthly

Article to check out: Forecasting is the main thing here, so one of the latest posts on it will give you an idea of Rob’s style. A forecast ensemble benchmark

Blog name: Oracle and Data Science

Oracle and data science blog

Description: Recently bought by Oracle this is perhaps one of the top data science blogs. Stylish, quick and easy to use; This a hub of data science information a must for anyone interested in the world of data.

Post frequency: 2-3 per week

Article to check out: Some great reasons for using search engine tools for data analysis. Nicely written and genuinely useful for anyone who wants to analyse data. 7 Benefits of Using Search Engine Tools for Data Analysis

Blog name: Airbnb Data blog

Airbnb data science blog

Description: Airbnb’s Data blog is the place where their data scientists go to write about how the company uses data to provide their service. It’s an open look into one of the most successful businesses in recent history. It has great insights, not only if you use the service, but for anyone interested in real-world uses of data. With many contributors, you’re sure to find an interesting post.

Post frequency: Once every few months

Article to check out: Although one of the older articles, it gives a great overview of how Airbnb does things. How Airbnb uses Machine Learning to Detect Host Preferences

Blog name: Data Science Central

Data Science Central blog


Description: Data Science Central is a truly comprehensive resource hub where you can find well-researched articles on everything related to analytics and data science. From artificial intelligence and machine learning, through code and enterprise data, to user experience, virtual reality & gaming - it is next to impossible to think of a topic you won't be able to find. Along with industry experts' insights, you can also benefit from the community forum where you can join a discussion or ask a question.

Post frequency: 1-2 per day

Article to check out: Since there are literally thousands of articles that deserve your attention, it was hard even for avid readers like us to pick just one. We'll leave the choice to you - just create a free membership profile at Data Science Central and you'll be all set to explore their rich library of blog posts.

Blog name: Dataiku

Dataiku data science blog

Description: Dataiku is a central hub for analytics and machine learning and their blog shows this with regular updates on the world of analytics. News, webinars and loads of blog posts - This is a good place for anyone interested in analytics

Post frequency: 1-3 per week Article to check out: Deep learning is everywhere these days, and this post takes you through exactly what it is while avoiding the jargon. A great guide A Deep (But Jargon and Math Free) Dive Into Deep Learning

Blog name: Cloudera


Description: Cloudera has a couple of blogs. The first is an engineering blog which covers best practices, how-tos, use cases, and internals from Cloudera Engineering and its community. The second, a VISION blog, is a wider picture on a range of topics but at the heart is what Cloudera stands for - Security. A company comprised of some big names from Google, Facebook, Hadoop, Yahoo! and Oracle their blog has a lot to offer especially if you have an interest in the company.

Post frequency: Monthly

Article to check out: This article goes in-depth into how Cloudera and Accenture joined forces to fight against insider threats. Illegal insider-actions can cost companies millions, so it's a problem that is worth knowing something about, especially if you've got a business with some shifty employees.

Taking out the threat from the inside

Blog name: Aylien


Description: There is something here for everyone and anyone interested in Text Analysis, NLP and Deep Learning. Organized in a real user-friendly way, it's clear this blog is made with the reader in mind. Articles are written with quite specific topics, but they are written well and if you're looking for something, in particular, it'll be easy to find it. If not, then you're sure to find something worth reading.

Post frequency: Monthly

Article to check out: Chatbots are a fascinating part of AI and this article takes a look at the history of them. A genuinely great read for anyone interested in chatbots and their evolution. An Interactive History of Chatbots

Blog name: Subconscious Musings

Subconcious musings

Description: Radhika Kulkarni and her team at SAS (one of the bigger players in analytics, they are worth knowing about) set out to discuss all things related to advanced analytics that solve many of the challenges that face businesses and organizations. Plenty of interesting topics on this blog, many based on SAS, others that just discuss analytics in general but all are relevant and well written. Great blog if analytics, AI and deep learning are important to you.

Post frequency: 1-3 per month

Article to check out: Machine learning is great! We know that, but it's how it applies to real-world problems that really makes it special. This short but sweet article on just that takes you through 4 strategies in an easy-to-digest way.

Four machine learning strategies for solving real-world problems

Blog name: Learn Data Science Today

Learn data science today blog  Description: Learn Data Science Today belongs to Data Science PR Network, the global leader in the press release distribution, and the digital marketing services for data science.  The blog gives you the latest on Machine Learning & AI, big data, data visualization, blockchain, and technology fields. Although relatively new, this blog already has plenty to interest most people.

Post frequency: 40-50 per month

Article to check out: Have you ever wondered how to deliver a data science project successfully? So have we! Here's a post on that very topic, one of many things we were sure you'd be interested in: How to Deliver a Data Science Project Successfully


Blog name: Data Aspirant

Dataaspirant data science blog

Description: Data Aspirant is run by Saimadhu Polamuri who is a self-taught data scientist and educator. Data Aspirant is a portal for data science beginners, so here is where you will find tutorials on all areas of data science. A great place to get started or brush up on your skills.

Post frequency: 1-2 per month

Article to check out: A long in-depth list of R tips. If you want to improve your R skills it's worth a read. Well written and easy to follow, a good taster for what else is on the blog.


Blog name: Facebook Research

Facebook research

Description: Facebook is making leaps and bounds in the AI, machine learning and data science fields. This blog keeps you up to date with everything the Facebook research team are doing. Plus plenty of insights into economics, natural language processing, connectivity, security and plenty more.

Post frequency: n/a

Article to check out: Facebook researchers use AI to turn whistles into orchestral music, and power other musical “translations” - Another article you wouldn't expect to be written, but that's the world we live in. Read this to see what steps researchers are taking with AI technology that could transform the music industry. Facebook researchers use AI to turn whistles into orchestral music, and power other musical “translations”

Blog name: R-bloggers

R bloggers

Description: 750 contributors writing about, if you hadn't guessed it, R. R-Bloggers is about encouraging bloggers to empower R users. There is a strong community here and if you want to get involved in R or you already 'R' then there will be something for you here.

Post frequency: Daily

Article to check out: A nice easy-to-digest tutorial for anyone looking to write loops. There are more advanced topics available but this is a good article to get a feel for the site. How to write the first for loop in R

Blog name: Edwin Chen

Edwin Chen

Description: Edwin Chen takes his own experience in AI and data and writes some really interesting articles with wonderful insights. From Twitter to Amazon, Edwin has fascinating things to say on a multitude of topics, complete with easy to follow pictures and a very readable writing style.

Post frequency: n/a

Article to check out: A scientific look at recommendation algorithms of popular online bookstores. Should these sites incorporate human evaluation? Read to find out.

Moving Beyond CTR: Better Recommendations Through Human Evaluation

Blog name: Timo Grossenbacher

Timo Grossenbacher

Description: Timo combines Geographic information, science and data journalism to create awesome visualisations. He's even written a book with over 80 maps called "Grüezi, Moin, Servus!". It's in German but luckily he shows you how he performed his studies on his blog. He prefers R, so if you lean toward that language and have a thing for geographics then check Timo's blog out.

Post frequency: n/a

Article to check out: Timo's latest post on spatial interpolation is a great tutorial. And his studies involve dialects around Germany, so if you're into linguistics you'll get some extra enjoyment out of this.

Categorical spatial interpolation with R

Blog name: Simo Ahava

Simo Ahava

Description: Analytics is the name of the game here. Simo Ahava has been a development expert for Google analytics and is willing to help anyone who has questions about analytics or Google Tag Manager. He also dabbles in digital marketing and his blog is welcoming and well maintained. He does his best to simplify complex topics while writing thorough tutorials.

Post frequency: Monthly

Article to check out: This in-depth tutorial on how to track browsing behaviour was inspired by a question from one of Simo's followers on twitter. This goes to show the sense of community on the blog. Written in collaboration with Jethro Nederhof, this is a must read for any google analytics enthusiast. Track Browsing Behavior In Google Analytics

Blog name: DataGenetics

data genetics

Description: Nick Berry works at Facebook as a data scientist and is passionate about data privacy. His blog covers a range of topics within data and statistics. It is easy to read and you are more than likely to learn something new. If you want to know your chances of winning a tennis match or how to turn water into wine, then you had better check this out.

Post frequency: n/a

Article to check out: A Statistical look at the probability of winning a tennis match. An interesting look at the game that goes into great detail. Probability and Tennis

Blog name: Algobeans | Data Analytics Tutorials & Experiments for the Layman


Description: As the name suggests, the focus of this blog is to give simplified data science tutorials for the newbie. Not for data science pros but if you’re still trying to get to grips on some concepts of data science and statistics then this is for you. Well explained and presented rather nicely.

Post frequency: n/a

Article to check out: A/B testing is useful in many situations. And these guys explain the concept very well.


Blog name: DataQuest


Description: Dataquest has a lovely, clean looking blog with plenty of interesting blog articles. They are mostly geared toward aspiring data scientists as that is their demographic. Their goal is to train people to become data scientists so you'll find plenty of tutorials and job hunting advice - practical stuff you can put to good use. They have plenty of guest writers but not just anyone it seems as all the blogs are well written and engaging. A great blog for anyone just getting into data science or looking to brush up their skills.

Post frequency: 2-3 per week

Article to check out: Python Vs R - of course, everyone has their opinion on which is better but who is right? Well, the best way to find out is to tackle the question like a data scientist - study the data. This is what this article does, it takes an unbiased look at a selection of functions and draws insightful conclusions that are sure to help anyone decide which program they would like use. A well-written and useful piece.

Python vs R: Head to Head Data Analysis

Blog name: Julia Evans

Julia Evans

Description: Julia Evans is a programmer from Montreal. This blog is where she shares what she's learned recently. She has a huge collection of interesting posts that really show her passion for programming. Her writing is humble and invites a sense of discovering things together. She has open communication with her readers, which is great, and has also published paid and free informative programming zines which are very well made. A great blog for beginners and anyone who has an interest in programming.

Post frequency: 3-4 per month

Article to check out: While her topics are wide-ranging it's her tutorials that show off her skills. This one on the basics of Envoy show how she puts her personality into her writing, in a way that invites you to continue reading and I am sure will entice you to read more of her blog and follow her journey.

Some Envoy basics

Blog name: A Blog From a Human-engineer-being


Description: Although it won’t win any awards for presentation, it certainly is a great place for anyone looking to expand their machine and deep learning knowledge. It is a little hard to find things but when you do, they're well-written guides on a plethora of topics. If you have a solid grasp of machine learning I think you can expand on that here.

Post frequency: 1- per 3 months

Article to check out: This history of machine learning is clearly the cornerstone post. It’s a well written interesting piece that sets the stage for the rest of the blog.

Brief History of Machine Learning

Blog name: Machine Learning Mastery

Machine Learning MAstery

Description: Jason Brownlee has a fascination with machine learning, and he wants to share his love for it with others. He has a very fleshed out blog with tons of tutorials for the machine learning enthusiast. His explanations are clear and extensive. Not for beginners but there are so many tutorials most will find something of value. Plus, he tells you right from the beginning what you will know after reading the tutorial - which is handy. Check this out if you want to learn something new.

Post frequency: 1-2 per week

Article to check out: His tutorials mostly follow the same style, so after checking this out you'll know what to expect with his others. This is about how to code the student's t-test. Considering how widely used it is in statistics it's a good place to start and see if you like Jason's style.

How to Code the Student’s t-Test from Scratch in Python

Blog name: PYImageSearch


Description: Adrian Rosebrock specializes in image search engines and covers a bunch of skills - object tracking, face recognition, motion detection etc. His tutorials are informative, clear and offer a nice personal touch. An especially nice blog if images are your interest.

Post frequency: 1-2 per week

Article to check out: In this tutorial, Adrian teaches you how to create animated GIFs with OpenCV. It's an entertaining and educational article. And if you don't like GIFs…Deal with it! (You'll get that joke if you read the post)

Creating GIFs with OpenCV

Blog name: Smart Data Collective

Smart Data Collective

Description: A well-designed blog with plenty of contributors covering a range of topics. AI, analytics, blockchain, big data and more. Articles for the experienced enthusiast as well as the casual beginner. There is something here for everyone.

Post frequency: n/a

Article to check out: The brighter side of AI. A light read on how AI is making positive changes for humanity.

How AI Is Helping Children And The Elderly

Blog name: Amazon AWS AI Blog

Amazon AWS

Description: The link here takes you to Amazon’s AI blog, but there are over 25 more categories to choose from (although not all data science related). You will no doubt find something of interest. Most posts revolve around some Amazon project but with a plethora of expert guest bloggers, you are going to learn something for sure.

Post frequency: Daily

Article to check out: This tutorial on how to make a QnA bot using Alexa looks like a lot of fun.

Create a Question and Answer Bot with Amazon Lex and Amazon Alexa

Blog name: Freakonometrics


Description: An academic blog by Professor Arthur Charpentier is an economist and mathematician. A huge back-catalogue of posts for just one person with some fascinating mathematical takes on a range of topics from the average lifespan to the number of friends you have. He also covers the lectures he gives and attends. Also, if you’re a French speaker there are a few posts in French you can have a look at.

Post frequency: 3-4 per week

Article to check out: The post on why on average people have fewer friends than their friends. Proved with maths.


Blog name: Datafloq


Description: Blockchain, VR, AI, IoT, Big data plus more covered here in some interesting and insightful articles. Opinion pieces on current trends seem to be the main bulk of articles here so if that's your thing, go right ahead.

Post frequency: Daily

Article to check out: Blockchain is no doubt growing exponentially and it's affecting all walks of life. This article looks at the potential impact it could have on the film industry.

Will Blockchain become a game-changer for the film industry?

Blog name: Data Double Confirm

Data Double Confirm

Description: A personal blog detailing the learning process of Hui Xiang Chua. With a B.Sc.(Hons) in statistics, an M.Sc in Business Analytics and a career as a research analyst, Hui works with a multitude of tools, such as R, Python, Tableau, SAS and SPSS. This means that if you are interested in developing your skills in any of these areas then following her blog is a good idea.

Post frequency: 4-5 per month

Article to check out: Everybody loves a good pie, but perhaps don't have the same love for pie charts. In this article, Hui opens up the discussion on pie charts and leads on to some more detailed articles on the topic if you're interested.

Pie Chart or Not

Blog name: Alex Perrier

Alex Perrier

Description: Alex Perrier is a data science consultant and writes some nice articles on Gsutil and Amazon’s machine learning. Definitely something to be learned here and you get a sense of his personality. Seems like a nice guy.

Post frequency: 1-2 per 3 months

Article to check out: A departure from data science but a fun blog on phone addiction that gives you a nice idea of Alex’s writing.

iPhone addiction? Get a grip!

Blog name: Simply Stats

Simply stats

Description: Simply Stats is a blog from three enthusiastic biostatistics professors who post about ideas they find interesting. They are pumped about the recent abundance of data and how statisticians are now scientists. If stats is your thing and you want to read 3 people write about there passion while sharing some fresh ideas surrounding statistics then this is the place.

Post frequency: 3-2 per month

Article to check out: The role of academia in data science is a hot topic right now. This article is Rafael's take on how the two are connecting right now. A good read for anyone interested, Rafael opens up the conversation so feel free to leave a comment for some respectful debate. The role of academia in data science education

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