Shashank Kalanithi

A senior data analyst at Nordstrom and content creator, Shashank seeks to help individuals and organizations derive value through data manipulation, modeling, and visualization.

Data Engineer at Meta

About the Instructor

Shashank Kalanithi is data engineer at Meta. His previous experience includes being a senior data analyst at the fashion retailer Nordstrom, where he worked on ML solutions to help augment the data team’s capabilities. He designed tools and dashboards that optimize the workflow and gather valuable data on the company’s numerous locations. Shashank also runs his own data analyst service where he helps companies organize, study, and extract insights to increase in-house efficiency and profitability. His YouTube channel, which he started in 2020, has accumulated over 149K subscribers.

Shashank Kalanithi

Skills and Specialization

Shashank specializes in coding and using business intelligence tools like Tableau and PowerBI to bring order to the noise. Companies store an infinite amount of data, which he helps clean and organize. He has experience working in multiple data analytic branches such as supply chain analytics, digital transformations, and strategic analytics.

PythonSQLMachine LearningData AnalyticsData Science