Interview with Marta Teneva, Former Marketing Specialist at 365 Data Science

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Simona Dobreva 12 Apr 2024 5 min read

Marta Teneva, Marketing Specialist at 365 Data Science

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Marta Teneva, Marketing Specialist at 365 Data science, is this week’s member of the team to answer our questions.  

Hi Marta, thanks for taking the time. Let’s start with a short introduction! What do you do at the company?

Thanks for having me! Well, briefly speaking, I help create content for the 365 blog. Some of the articles I’ve worked on are Debunking 10 Misconceptions About AI, 15 Data Science Consulting Companies Hiring Now, 5 Business Basics for Data Scientists, Best Startups 2019 to Work For, and, of course,  my personal favorite - Starting a Career in Data Science: The Ultimate Guide. So, you can say I’m mostly focused on our career-oriented resources. I enjoy doing research and I like to dig deep to find the most helpful information for our readers. Expert books, official reports, data science talks at conferences… I’m really submerging myself in the ocean of data science resources and I totally love it!

But that’s just part of a process we’re all involved in.

The first question the team and I ask ourselves every time we start a new piece is:  What would truly benefit someone who’s new to the field on their way to a successful data science career? And I hope our readers can sense that mindset and attitude while reading our articles.

I work closely with Simona, Iliya, and Ned in choosing the topics and creating content. Once the article is ready, I have the absolute pleasure of collaborating with Martina in repurposing the text for a YouTube video (her work’s really amazing – you can see for yourselves in our YouTube channel). And, of course, what I do is intertwined with Gabriela’s tasks in ways that would take many, many pages to describe. :)

What else... Do you check your mailbox for 365 Team messages? If you do, you might come across a content update or a special new course announcement from Simona and me.

Another privilege I have is the opportunity to read all our new courses' content before anyone else does! Talking about a feast for the mind! The 365 instructors and I are very meticulous in going through all the lectures. Together, we make sure all the theory and exercises are explained as clearly as possible, so even absolute beginners can grasp the more advanced concepts with ease.

So yeah, I think you get the picture. Everything we do is a team effort and that’s one of the things I cherish most about working at 365 Data Science.

How did you become interested in the data science field?

Hm. Well, I come from a very different academic background, so starting at 365 Data Science was also my introduction/crash course into data science. And that’s a thing that really helps me relate to many of our students. I know what it’s like to transition into a new career and all the uncertainty that initially goes with it. And I can tell you, it’s been an exciting ride! I’m learning a lot every single day and the satisfaction of progressing in a field I knew close to nothing about is incomparable. So, it might sound cheesy, but I’m that optimist who believes that no matter where you come from, you are capable of learning everything and achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself. That is, of course, given you have both the enthusiasm and the discipline to put in the necessary work.  

What allowed you to make such fast progress after you joined our team, Marta?

Haha, first of all, thanks for the compliment! I believe I owe some part of my progress to the team. That said, I really hope my work helps everyone go forward too. But, yeah, when you work with people who give 100% every single day, you have no choice but keep up and learn fast. And I mean that in the best possible way. Also, self-preparation is super important. To quote Earl Nightingale,

“If you spend an extra hour each day of study in your chosen field you will be a national expert in that field in five years or less.”

That’s been my philosophy for the past few years, and I’m glad it shows!  

We know you’re a great mom, so what is something you’ve learned from your kids that you apply to your work in the office?

Hahaha, I don’t know if I’m a great mom. That’s like the Badge of Honor all moms hope to wear one day. However, it’s so unattainable that we end up just trying to do our best no matter what. So, that’s one thing. Another thing I’ve learned is to be incessantly curious and keep my mind open to new ideas. My kids have also taught me what it’s like to be relentless in pursuing your goals. Like, literally, there’s nothing a toddler won’t do to get a hold of that chocolate bar on top of the fridge. And last but not least, a skill I’m still struggling to master – staying cool, calm, and collected when unexpected challenges come up. And taking time to respond, as opposed to reacting to the situation at hand.

I guess I don’t really have a recipe for being a great mom just yet – the stew is still in the making. Here’s hoping it comes out nicely!  

And one last parenting-related question, if you don’t mind. Marta, you left the workforce for 4 consecutive years to raise your two adorable children. Now you are working full-time for an EdTech startup. Do you have any advice for mothers that are trying to catch up with the technological developments?

Yes, I absolutely have one! Fellow-troopers, I know you have a lot going on, but just take some time to read (or listen to podcasts) and stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the tech world. Even if it’s just for a few minutes a day. Technologies are developing at a really fast rate! And staying informed can actually be the beginning of a keen interest which, in turn, can pave the way to many exciting career opportunities for you.  

Thanks for answering all our questions, and best of luck in your projects, Marta! We’re looking forward to reading the upcoming content on the 365 Data Science blog! 

Simona Dobreva

Instructor at 365 Data Science

Simona is a Cognitive Science researcher and an Honors graduate from the University of Edinburgh. Her expertise in programming and data analysis, combined with her never-ceasing strive for excellence and unique storytelling skills has helped thousands of students advance their practical skills. Apart from authoring numerous successful articles, Simona is also the author of one of the first courses in our training – Introduction to R Programming.