New Course! Тhe Machine Learning Algorithms A-Z with Ken Jee and Jeff Li

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The 365 Team 6 Apr 2023 3 min read

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest course, The Machine Learning Algorithms A-Z, by Ken Jee and Jeff Li. This is the second collaboration between the two expert data scientists on the 365 Data Science platform.

What makes this training so distinct from the rest? Most courses focus on machine learning without providing a comprehensive overview. Ken and Jeff’s teaching approach differs; they offer a 180-degree look at the most popular machine learning algorithms and how to leverage them to provide real-world solutions.

Not only do we teach you the concept, but we also lay out its pros and cons and when you should use the concept to solidify your intuition.
Ken Jee and Jeff Li

Why Are Machine Learning Algorithms Important for Data Science?

Machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and big data are buzzwords saturating tech news that few genuinely understand. But for data scientists, they’re an integral part of the workflow. In fact, these are the driving forces that can create value for a company.

A data scientist needs to understand how to tackle business problems with ML and know which technique to implement for the best solution. Machine learning’s true worth is not only knowing an algorithm's sequence of computational steps but also realizing its objective impact.

Whether building a forecasting model that forms the backbone of the ads industry, a recommender system used by millions to buy products, or a model for predicting income, these algorithms are used to solve real-world problems.

What Does The Machine Learning Algorithms A-Z Course Cover?

This course gives you a complete overview of the most popular ML algorithms, their pros and cons, and what problems each is best for.

You’ll learn how to work with techniques such as:

  • Linear regression
  • Ridge, lasso, and elastic net regressions
  • Logistic regression
  • Gradient descent
  • Decision trees and random forests

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Ken and Jeff equip you with machine learning skills for your future data science career and create value in the workplace.

Who Is The Machine Learning Algorithms A-Z Course For?

This course is perfect for those interested in resolving specific problems or improving their analytical abilities as data scientists utilizing machine learning.

By the end of the course, you’ll have acquired a deep understanding of the essential machine learning algorithms used in data science and AI. You’ll also have developed the necessary skills to apply them to various real-world situations.

What Will You Learn?

You’ll understand how the algorithms function and how large companies apply them to solve real-world problems with techniques like image recognition, natural language processing, recommendation systems, etc.

The Machine Learning Algorithms A-Z course addresses several vital aspects a data scientist needs in a working environment, including:

  • The intuition behind ML algorithms
  • The pros and cons of different ML algorithms
  • When to use and when not to use ML
  • How the ML process works for each algorithm
  • The assumptions behind ML algorithms
  • Real-world examples with specific types of ML algorithms

This course empowers you to leverage in-demand technologies and data into robust solutions.

Who Are the Instructors?

Ken Jee is the head of data science at a sports analytics company and one of the best-known personalities in the data community. With over 239K subscribers on YouTube, he dedicates his time to creating content for aspiring data scientists who wish to break into the field.

Jeff Li is a data science manager at a global music streaming service company. He’s previously worked on building and optimizing algorithms for multiple leading companies like DoorDash. Jeff began learning about statistics and probability without a traditional data science background, and now applies these principles to create real-world value.

Ken and Jeff are widely recognized data science professionals. They are excellent instructors who cover complex topics in an easy-to-understand language—perfect for those just entering the field of data science and machine learning.

The Machine Learning Algorithms A-Z Course: Next Steps

The Machine Learning Algorithms A-Z course is available on the 365 Data Science platform. Log into your account to start learning. And if you don’t have one, sign up below to get a taste of the teaching style with a selection of free lessons.

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