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28 Oct 2021 3 min read

365 Data Science resume builder

The best data science job candidates approach learning the necessary skills with commitment. They prepare over time and make sure they feel confident in their knowledge. But when it comes to writing their resume, many applicants fall short, resulting in missed career opportunities.

When we started redesigning our platform, one of our top priorities was to come up with a solution that would help our students with this challenge. Now, with the 365 Data Science Resume Builder, you can create a job-winning downloadable resume in just a few minutes.

Introducing Resume Builder

The 365 Resume is designed to help you write a sharp and effective resume in 5 simple steps: Contact, Experience, Education, Skills, and Summary.

We’ve structured the process in a way that allows you to provide all important information employers want to see in a clean and stylish format.

While filling in your resume, we’ll guide you with tips and best practices every step of the way, from filling your contact information and highlighting your experience and education, to listing your skills in the most impressive way and grabbing the attention of recruiters and hiring managers with an information-rich summary.

We’ve added a Resume Strength indicator to keep your focus on the important components you shouldn’t skip and ensure your resume is competitive enough to move your job application to the top of the pile.

Another advantage of the in-platform resume builder is that you can easily add certificate links and credentials from our data science program. Once you’re ready, you can download your resume in a .pdf format or use the generated shareable link that can be easily sent to anyone.

But the biggest way we’re empowering you to land the job you want is by connecting you with potential employers. Just tick ‘allow companies to see my data’ to pair your studying and exams results with your resume. This will allow our partner companies to see your profile and contact you, in case they are looking for candidates with your skills and qualifications.

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