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27 Oct 2021 3 min read

New Feature in 365 Data Science: ExamsEveryone knows the most challenging part of any learning process is passing a final exam. It is also the most important part, as it validates your skills and demonstrates your abilities to employers. Exams indicate you meet a high standard of competence and can give you a competitive advantage, more job opportunities, and a higher pay scale.

Ever since the start of 365 Data Science, we’ve been learning from our students’ experiences. And in that exciting process, it became clear that it is crucial to equip them with a measurable achievement that supports their expertise. That’s why, after months of hard work, we are proud to announce our platform’s brand-new feature – Exams.

Introducing Exams

Now, you can test the skills you have acquired with 3 types of timed exams – Practice Exams, Course Exams, and Career Track Exams.

How Do Exams Work?

Practice Exams

Practice Exams are optional and accessible to all enrolled students, even if they haven’t completed the entire course or watched any of its content. Their goal is to help you gain confidence in your skills, show you if there are areas you still need to work on, and prepare you for your course exams and final career track exam. The courses in the program can include any number of Practice Exams. Your results will not affect the scores of your Course or Career Track Exams in any way. You have unlimited number of attempts and there are no requirements as to when you can retake the Practice Exams, watch or revisit any of the course content. Then again, it is in your best interest to pay attention to the answers marked as incorrect and revise the relevant theoretical or practical part of the given course.

Course Exams

Course Exams give you the chance to prove that you have gained the necessary skills and competencies in a certain data science area. A passing score of 60% is required to be eligible for a Course Certificate. Similar to Practice Exams, you have unlimited number of attempts. However, to retake the exam, you are required to watch 30+ minutes of the respective course content.

Career Track Exams

Career Track Exams are accessible to students who have successfully passed the 9 course exams in their chosen career track – Data Scientist, Data Analyst, or Business Analyst. These include exams on 7 required courses and 2 elective courses. A passing score of 60% on the final career track exam is necessary to be awarded a Career Track Certificate. You have a total of 2 consecutive exam attempts, with the content of the second one completely different from the first. To unlock your second try, you are required to watch 30+ minutes of your career track content.

To help you pass your exams successfully, we’ve added the elements Flag, Skip, and Review. You can use them to review and correct your answers at any point during the exam.

How to Get Started with Exams?

Despite being different, all 3 types of exams comprise practical tasks that not only assess your skills in a specific domain but also make you aware of any knowledge gaps you need to pay attention to. The exams in our data science program help you accelerate your learning progress even further, through solving tasks and checking the answer explanations at the end of each exam.

Most importantly, by scoring the passing grade of 60%, you can earn a prestigious certificate of achievement, share the results with your network on LinkedIn, and showcase your competencies to potential employers (or our partner companies who are looking for talented candidates just like you).

To access the exams, you need to be an enrolled student with monthly or annual subscription at 365 Data Science. However, if you want to get to know our program better and see if it is the right fit for you, you can create an account below to explore our unlocked course content and learning resources for free.