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2 May 2023 3 min read

Introducing New Feature in 365 Data Science: Career Tracks

At 365 Data Science, we know that every student is unique. And although there are countless benefits in completing all the courses in our program, we often got the question: “What are the best courses to prepare for a specific type of career?” So, we researched the most in-demand skills for different job roles in data science and how the most successful working professionals got there. Then, we created a structured way to prepare you for the job you want based on that journey, so it can be yours, too.

Introducing Career Tracks

We redesigned our program to better map that journey, breaking the content down into Career Tracks, so it’s clear which courses you need for each of the following professions – Data Scientist, Data Analyst, and Business Analyst. And, since career tracks are geared towards a specific role, they teach you the exact skills required on the job and prepare you for a real-world working environment.

Until now, you had to finish every single course in the program to receive a certificate, but not anymore. Depending on what you want to achieve professionally, you can choose a career track that takes you in that direction and earn a certificate to validate your domain expertise.

How Do Career Tracks Work?


Career tracks give you the opportunity to experience a new way of learning. Each career track consists of 1 optional course, 7 required courses, and 2 electives. They are organized in a sequence, with each course building on what you have just learned from the previous one.

Exams and Certificate

If you successfully pass the 9 course exams within the track, you will be eligible to sit for a rigorous final exam and earn an industry-recognized Career Track Certificate – a testament of your qualifications, demonstrating your commitment to professional growth to employers.

Career tracks also ensure you won’t go over the same topics multiple times. If you have finished courses included in more than one career track, you don’t have to retake the exams – your score will be automatically transferred into all other tracks you decide to explore.

How to Get Started with Career Tracks?

Current students can access all career tracks by logging in. If you’re new to the platform, you can watch the unlocked lessons in every track simply by creating a free account.