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05 Jan 2023

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03 Jan 2023


Facing some issues with tableau (multiple issues)

Hello Ned, I tried the same way as you did and almost got the same result too but some issues I faced which I can't figure out
First On graph numberNo marking values in the Gantt bar but when I hover numbering do visible

The second issue sometimes I face is when I drag and drop some variables to the sheet instead of showing values they just show me "####" again I can't solve this after searching over the internet and on the Tableau menu

The Third issue is after adding a New data Source these auto-created measurement fields are not present have to create them manually

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Posted on:

05 Jan 2023


Hi Mayank,
Good to hear from you and happy new year!
Regarding the issues you described:
1: I'm not able to understand what is the problem you are facing. If you are worried that not every month is shown in the axis then I think that's fine because you have too many months in the selected period and Tableau opts to select some of them only.
2: Can you share a screenshot? Usually when programs show you  ####  instead of values this means that there isn't sufficient space to display the output. You need to enlarge the box in which the number is displayed
3: This is strange. Did you check the data source in preview? Is Tableau able to read the data source properly? DId you apply 'Data interpreter'?

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