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22 Apr 2024

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19 Apr 2024


Resolved: Calculation for R-Squared

The calculation of R-squared mentioned in this video is given as:

However, checking numerous contents online, I found that the formula for R-squared is:

I couldn't reach a conclusion on which one of the options was the right one, so I decided to go this route:



and it turns out that I got the answer correctly using this video as a guideline. Then I delved further to know why and how the rest of the internet could be wrong and I realised that the formula we are working with according to this video, for SSR is:


whereas, the formulas I see flying all around is:


I also did a calculation based on their derivation of SSR and their derivation of R-squared:


and the answers are the same.

My question is that when expressing myself in public, which method should I use? The conventional one or the one presented in this video?

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Posted on:

22 Apr 2024


Hi Jonathan, 

thanks for reaching out and what a great question! It seems that the formula presented in the video is a bit simplified, and doesn't seem to take into account the residual variance. I suggest you stick to the traditional expression instead, although as you've shown yourself the difference in practice can be very insignificant. 

Hope this helps!


365 Eli

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