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07 Oct 2021

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30 Sept 2021


Resolved: Can you elaborate more on saving queries?

Can you explain the best practices to save queries?
Do you have to save the in the same folder where our database is stored?
Can you write them in the same file as the database creator?
Should each query be saved in a seprate file?

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07 Oct 2021


Hi Abdulmalik!

Thanks for reaching out.

Literally, you can store a query or any piece of code that is relevant to you in any folder on your machine. All that matters is how you organise your files.
In terms of working on a certain database, you can help yourself by using MySQL Views. This is a tool that saves you the time to rewrite a query and execute it every time when referred to. MySQL Stored routines help as well.
We teach all these tools later in the course. Therefore, I'd advise you to proceed by following the sections and lectures in the suggested order and when the time comes, learn about these tools, too.
Nevertheless, if you prefer, please feel free to skip to these lectures and watch their content instead.

Hope this helps.

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