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28 Nov 2023

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28 Nov 2023


Career guidance in doing a transition from QA to data science


I am currently working as a QA Engineer in an IT company and I am aware of data science and machine learning concepts (basics to intermediate level) but I am not having any real time work experience in the field. 

Because of this I am facing some difficulty in making a transition from QA to data science.

Can anyone please suggest or guide me on how to get real time work experience or any job opportunities if any? It would be really helpful 



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28 Nov 2023


Hello Srinivasan,

Thanks for reaching out! 

Data Science is now an integral part of any forward-thinking organization’s success. Whether they are in marketing, finance, hospitality, healthcare or any other sector, Data Scientists are in increasing demand thanks to the current and potential applications of the technology.

As a Data Scientist, you’ll be able to make yourself a hiring prospect for some of the world’s leading companies.

For more information on the career paths you can take as a Data Scientist, read our Starting a Career in Data Science guide (linked below), which will outline everything you need to know about:

- What data science is and why it’s important.
- The different kinds of roles you can apply for.
- Market demands and potential salaries.

- The skills and qualifications you’ll need.

- How to get a job in Data Science.

- The leading industries that recruit Data Scientists.
 - How to start and next steps.

Hope this information is helpful. 

Kind Regards,
The 365 Team

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